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    So hard to get information out of university, mayabe you guys can help?

    Not surprised that the Arts faculty doesn't calculate your WAM for you whereas Law does. As for the OP's question, I assume that all of your grades from three years of Commerce are recorded in your Academic Transcript. And this is what you highlight to your employers to show who's boss. Either...
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    Where can I find healthy food on campus?

    I'm looking for a place where they sell healthy food on campus, specifically a place which has high amounts of protein and less fats and carbohydrates. Apparently the cafeteria near sci tech use to sell chicken breast with sauce, but now they've stopped. :( Any suggestions on healthy food will...
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    iPhone: Faculty of Econ and Business Blackboard App

    Hi guys, Does anybody have access to the USYD Faculty of Econ & Business blackboard app? I can't log into the Faculty of Econ & Business section so I can access my resources on my iPhone. :( Cheers.
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    Rewards after HSC: Play CS. LOL

    Rewards after HSC: Play CS. LOL
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    Semester 1 Timetables

    Not entirely happy with the early 8am tutorial, but I don't care. Three days a week is fine with me. :) Edited: According to a friend of mine, if you're not happy with your timetable, you can go to Merewether and there's a little room where you go to, where a dude with a computer can customise...
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    Subject Selections 2012

    Semester 1: BUSS1001: Understanding Business. CLAW1001: Foundations of Business Law. FINC2012: Corporate Finance II. FINC3017: Investments and Portfolio Management. Semester 2: BUSS1002: The Business Environment. CLAW2201: Corporations Law. CLAW2207: Business, Ethics and the Law. FINC3020...
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    USYD Roll Call 2012

    Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Commercial Law), after discovering that Accounting wasn't my thing at UNSW.
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    How hard is Bachelor of Commerce - major accounting

    There's no such thing as one University being easier than the other. Eventually, you will be taught the same material and knowledge that you would have to apply in the exam. If you're choosing your major based on ease, then you're an idiot.
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    Semester 1 Timetables

    What happens if you decide to change your units even though you've received your timetable? Will the "withdrawn" status show up on your University transcript?
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    majors for commerce

    You're still doing your HSC. Please don't talk. It's a shit combination. They don't even complement one another. Finance/Accounting is a solid combination or Finance/Commercial Law works as well (if Accounting isn't your thing).
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    ID card

    Got mine last week as well! My hair is such a mess...
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    Tax File Number

    So I'm transferring from UNSW to USYD and I've lost my TFN. Is there a possible way to retrieve it through my previous uni (UNSW) since I was paying via. HECS? Or should I ring the ATO instead? Cheers.
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    Looking for material/e-books (B. Prof Acct/B. Applied Fins)

    Cheers Atlas! Apologies for the late response, since I've been trying to "kill" time through other means until Main Round Offers are released. :) Also: I'm the same person, lol.