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  1. insert-username

    B...b...b...Beachball 07

    Buy them here or get a free one by presenting your Access card at the Beachball stall before 5pm March 2. I_F
  2. insert-username

    Science Transition Workshop

    I'll be at the Workshop, in either IT or Maths. :) I_F
  3. insert-username

    Question on units of study

    No, they won't be disadvantaged. The regular-level subject covers all the content required, and the advanced course simply covers that content at a more rigorous and comprehensive standard (perhaps with some expansionary content since advanced units for designed for students with a particular...
  4. insert-username


    I think he meant 24 or 25. Out of 50. Schniz, perhaps a better forum for your query is the University of Newcastle forum. :) I_F
  5. insert-username

    Who didn't make it to enrolment day?!

    Living 3.5 hours north of Sydney, I feel your pain Libbster. A friend of mine has been stuck on a bus all day, apparently moving at about 25 metres per hour. It's been mildly uncomfortable for him to say the least. I'm heading down tommorrow. Here's to hoping that the fires have receded...
  6. insert-username


    It *should* be alright, but you can get the 2007 ones online as PDF files here. I_F
  7. insert-username


    An estimation of 2007 costs is available on the USYD site here It needs to have a signature on it and it needs to be taken to enrolment by your proxy. Use this page to find enrolment details for your course, then turn up to the specified building at the specified time to enrol. I_F
  8. insert-username


    If you're paying upfront (i.e. not taking a HECS-HELP loan) or if you're paying a part of your fees upfront, you need to pay as part of the enrolment process at USYD. If you're not, you'll need your Tax File Number to take out the HECS loan. I_F
  9. insert-username

    BoS USyd Roll Call 2007! - UPDATED 19/1

    insert-username: Bachelor of Information Technology (Computer Science) I I_F
  10. insert-username

    Post your 2007 University Offers Here!

    Bachelor of Information Technology at USYD. W00t! :D I_F
  11. insert-username

    Enrolment Questions

    Trebla: USYD has an enrolment finder up where you can stick in your course and your surname and find out where enrolment for that particular course is happening and when. I_F
  12. insert-username

    Scholarships - Post Grad

    It seems to depend on what type of postgrad degree you're doing, coursework or research. http://www.usyd.edu.au/scholarships/current/postgrad.shtml says: "The University of Sydney does not currently offer any scholarships for students studying postgraduate coursework degrees." AND There are...
  13. insert-username

    wont be there on enrollment day

    The only way to accept your USYD offer is to turn up to enrolment or get someone to do it for you ('proxy enrolment'). Bit of a bummer, it's true, but it's currently the only option. I_F
  14. insert-username

    Residential Colleges...

    Ring up the various colleges and see. I think Wesley only has 6 places left, for example, though others may have more vacancies. Your best chance is probably to ring up and check. You can't have friends. Bosses are good. Others you could have are teachers, community leaders, etc., but as a...
  15. insert-username

    Help Me I'm Computer Illiterate and Just Wanna Play Games Again

    The site is currently down (ah the wonders of Google's cache), but Get Parts Online appears to have a CD drive and a CD-RW/DVD combo drive listed that are compatible for your computer. I assume the prices are in US dollars - US$30 for the CD drive and US$90 for the combo drive, which is more...