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    Speed & Stall Pass Test in QLD

    It's not just the tolerance though but allowing it to happen five times. The stalling one I kind of understand. Though if it was during a hill start that could be a potential hazard. Person freaking out not putting handbrake/brake back on.
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    Speed & Stall Pass Test in QLD

    Read more: Learner drivers allowed to speed, drive with one hand, stall vehicle and still pass test | News.com.au Interested to hear BOS point of view on this one. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read it, honestly if you can't avoid doing those in a test situation then what will stop you on...
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    My Apologies

    Ah that's good to hear, hopefully the application goes well for you seremify007. :) Hm, I think the permissions are a little messed up. Normal members shouldn't be able to delete their own threads, maybe posts but even then.
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    My Apologies

    It's honestly not about hating you and/or your trolling. It is because people are genuinely concerned for yourself and other road users when you have openly admitted to carrying out dangerous actions because of convince and because you think you are good enough to (which you have mentioned...
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    P's test at Castle Hill

    Be aware if you are parking in the RTA carpark there will probably be a stop sign before you exit. If there is one make sure you stop behind the line, otherwise you will fail before you have started.
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    Graphics card problem

    Never underestimate how fast dust can build up. Obviously it depends on your case and room etc but dust is a big PC killer.
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    Getting your Ps - Driver Ability Road Test (DART)

    For those who are unware of the procedure I'll explain how my test went. Beware though, I did my P's test in 2006 so things may of change. * Upon arrival approach the counter to confirm you are there. * Testing officer will look through your logbook, check your licence etc. * You take the...
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    Cheapest Place to get your computer built

    Do it yourself. So specs?
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    Console Linage.

    Woah old thread revived. I don't remember years so I've placed in the older I can remember. * Amiga * Gameboy * Gameboy pocket * Gameboy Colour * SNES * Nintendo 64 * Gameboy Advanced SP * Nintendo GameCube * Microsoft XBox * Nintendo Wii
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    It could be you availabilities I think Aldi want people to have at 25 hours, I remember reading/hearing that somewhere.
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    Singleplayer vs Multiplayer

    Of late I've been buying games that either specifically for multiplayer or they have a good single player with an added on multiplayer focus. Considering I spend a considerable more amount of hours playing online multiplayer then I do finishing a single player campaign, as once finished I...
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    Movies in 3D

    I suffer from motion sickness (long train trips most common) and although I was a little concerned about this, I never experienced any. I kind of agree with that there could of been more 3D but I think they were probably trying to get a balance and appeal to the masses. @Omie You also have...
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    wetherill park route

    I wouldn't consider you 'elderly' in the slightest. To be honest I don't buy into the reputation of places as people knowingly or not have a certain bias when they tell what happened despite what probably was a genuine fail mistake/s. Though on that note the RTA I did my DART test at has a...
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    Faking Your 120 log book hours

    Although at least on BOS there is an outspoken majority that claim to be faking their hours, believe it or not there are those who don't or didn't.
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    Driving Test - Silverwater

    Ah bad luck, though I thought everyone on BOS would of known that. Been posted a number of times in various tips threads. I guess you went and did the whole test only to find out you failed before you really started? I didn't have to worry about that as I was parked outside the RTA carpark...