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    Sparta - technology/economic exchange hlp needed =(

    im guessing since this post was ages ago you dont need anymore help on it?
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    Help, im pregnant and 15.

    Whether it is true or not, if you don't feel you can talk to any family or friends, why not go to your GP? They are both an adult and a professional and will be able to give you the best advice. Also do your research before you go making any decisions on abortion, adoption or whatever you are...
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    want an essay on Strictly Ballroom?

    Thanks heaps!! heaps helpful!!
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    Is this a nice thing to do or just werid?

    Heaps nice idea! dont take the advice form the dudes...i think the girls would know more than the dudes... jst make sure the drawing offence im nto saying itll probly b bad but yeah put a lot of effort and time into it [= It is a really sweet idea of yours. :)
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    A Message To The Unprepared And Doubtful

    hmmm...... Kay think the nicole chick worded that badly... Its more like... If you're like me and feeling freaked out about the exams coming up... just remember that there is always alternative ways to do what you dream to do in the future...collages, TAFE, working your way up in a company...
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    anyone got 2 exams in a day?

    Word of advice to people who havent had two exams in one day before... I had two exams in one day for my trials.... -Get PLENTY OF SLEEP -Drink PLENTY of water to stay hydrated, in one exam, I was so exhausted and I got a headache which is HEAPS bad to have to deal with during an exam...
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    lol im reading harry potter too...and no work is getting done and im currently skrewed....hoping to get out of all this procastination....HOW?!!?!? my motivation for doing well at school has jumped out the window and at the moment doesnt want to seem to come back...:mad1:
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    bad boys or good boys???

    If a girl is going out ith a so-called 'bad boy' its for her own reasons that she likes him and may or may not be because he has the image of a 'bad boy' I guess in some ways guys with that image seem attractive for a variety of reasons, it may be because some girls like the thought that they...
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    Share your addictions...

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    Share your addictions...

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    June Dally-Watkins

    Hey, I've been looking into June dally-Watkins business finishing course for a while now and its looking pretty good for me, is anyone else here know much about it? :confused:
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    soooooo not ready to start year 12

    yeah im finding that too, school seems to be getting more crappy by the day and im just using the holidays as motivation to keep going oh and my regular sugar fix form the canteen. i have an english oral due next tuesday arrghh, and i havent done one paragraph yet! It sux when ur schools...
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    Graffiti artist Banksy targets Paris Hilton

    paris hilton is just a person, she did a bit of modeling, inherited a lot of money, brought out a song someone else made and she just did the vocals for, she's not that talented, and from what ive heard with all that money shes got she never used it to get further education. She's not a bad...
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    The Notorious B.I.G VS Tupac

    not really, because everyones tastes are unique.
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    Bands/musicians that everybody loves but you can't get into

    foo fighters radiohead (xcept 4 high and dry) The White Stripes Red Hot Chili Peppers system or a down and arctic monkeys, never really hooked me, but im more into pop punk anyways, catchy stuff, plus other random stuff. oh and Nirvana, tool, Guns N' Roses, KoЯn.....